Our Solution

What We Do For Tuberculosis & Multiple drug-resistant tuberculosis

Developed a Low-Cost Portable

Developed a Low-Cost Portable Nucleic Acid Amplification TB Detection device (cost $250)

CRISPR based gene editing

Exploring CRISPR based gene editing technologies to identify markers of MDRTB

Real time detection

Integrated spectroscopy and optical detection methods to provide near real time detection of both TB and MDR-TB

Collaboration with various agencies

Mumbai Municipal Cooperation, we are planning to create low-cost testing+ data repositories to map the endemic at local levels.

Modelling techniques

The Team has also validated data driven modelling techniques in epidemic control.


Our Unique Value Proposition

Wholistic solution (detection + modelling) offered

to reduce TB- ideal positioning for impact investment (proven earlier for COVID in various states in India)

  • Low cost and portable technology
  • Fast turnaround time- allows running up to 100 samples per machine per day
  • High adaptability with evolving tb strains
  • Differentiation of strains detected for specific treatment
  • Team with unique expertise in optical computing and spectroscopy + modelling

Current time Problems in

Tuberculosis (TB) & Multiple drug-resistant tuberculosis

Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the most infectious and prevalent diseases in the world, with increasing rate of multiple drug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) incidence in the global south


One in three people in the world have the bacteria in their body, ready to turn to active disease during periods of low immunity (such as with HIV or auto immune diseases)


TB causes more than a million avoidable deaths every year


Expensive and specialist diagnostic tools hinder early detection, early treatment and control of spread


Early detection and timely treatment are essential for saving lives and for stopping evolution of TB into MDR-TB, which is nearly impossible to get rid of with current anti-biotics.


Low access to testing data and testing facilities

Current Alternatives

Difficult to diagnose

Requiring specialist equipment available only in big cities in developing countries.

GeneXpert device

GeneXpert device is current gold standard for TB diagnosis

Expensive equipment

equipment costs > $10,000 for a single machine

Research Citations

Design of an Efficient, Ease-of-use and Affordable Artificial Intelligence based Nucleic Acid Amplification Diagnosis Technology for Tuberculosis and Multi-drug Resistant Tuberculosis”, (April, 2021)

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Nipun Swahney